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photographer was added to the fbi database for simply snapping a few photos. that is coming up later in today's show. it's monday, october 28. i'm megan lopez in washington, d.c., and you are watching rt. spain has joined a growing list of u.s. allies demanding answers from the obama administration when it comes to spying. the spanish government summoned the ambassador to discuss allegations of collecting data on 60 million spanish telephones over one month this past december. using information leaked by nsa contractor edward snowden, a spanish newspaper reported the nsa collected numbers and locations of the phone calls, but not actual content. this after learning that the nsa has also been tuning into the communications up dirty five world leaders. now the european union parliamentary delegation is preparing for a visit to the u.s. to express concerns over nsa surveillance tactics. political commentator sam sacks brings us more. >> german intelligence officials will come to washington dc to demand answers from the white house about surveillance on chancellor angela merkel. is a marked the p
in the prosecution's case. there were questions over whether the fbi had engaged in some inappropriate activity. the judge said that mr. renzi and mr. sandlin were good men who did bad things. i will say that it is dirty rare for a judge to give defendants -- it is pretty rare for a judge to give defendants who are fighting tooth and nail and give them the benefit of the doubt. >> do you think that, considering any other place, do you think arizona had some thing to do with it? >> i think the judge seemed to be affected by the fact that this was a former congressman who was once well respected in the state. that the congressman's family pushed that he was a family man with lots of kids come a man of faith. rarely, do you see other criminal defendants getting the same benefit of the debt when they had done something so blatantly illegal. most people are caught red- handed and he never took responsibility. usually, these lighter sentences are handed down some and he accepts responsibly for their action, plead guilty and said, yeah, i did something wrong and here's why i did this that thing i did.
on administrative leave. he's a veteran of over two decades in law enforcement. the f.b.i. has launched their own independent foundation. i'm still waiting for a response from them. the petaluma p.d. are investigating. in sonoma county there's been a protocol that an officer involved shooting cannot investigate themselves and this comes from a string of officer involved shootings back in the 1990's there in sonoma county. but still there are many in the community who fear that there's not enough transparency in this and that this case will turn out like so many other police shootings where the shooting is ruled justified. >> and interestingly ramon, when andy lopez was shot he was wearing a hoodie which is a pretty big symbol. there were others in the rally wearing hoodies as they protested. do you think this incident reminded people at all of what happened in the case of trayvon martin. did you see the issue of race or racial profiling discussed at all? >> the problem of racial profiling and police brutality has been a big issue in the area even before trayvon martin. the shooting of oscar grant
codes and getting coins in exchange but it's not all plain sailing. last month the fbi shutdown of the online black market silk road season nearly thirty million dollars worth of good points mitchell did returned from the corn exchange store in vancouver told us what impact this may have on the digital currency gaining credibility next thing he deftly as a potential to be revolutionary um bbc gets the cash into digital form or you can send it around the world into me with no middlemen. we've got anti money laundering austin please read many users to three thousand dollars per day every transaction you meet is recorded on a ledger on the main reason that i see it but it's of me wants to find out who is making a transaction that can be done ah the socorro is a perfect example of that they end up shutting down the silk road that was a beast the ub of law clerk a new day and to be actually shut that down which is actually a very good thing for the currency of the hole is the life you associate with associated with pointed straight at me with the silk road. and so since it's been s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4